Dancing for Fun, Book1

New book shows how ‘Dancing for Fun’ can improve quality of life 

PORTLAND, Ore. – According to Everyday Health, the benefits of dancing extend beyond overall fitness and include a memory boost, stress reduction and improved flexibility.
To make these health benefits accessible for people of all ages, husband and wife author duo Mark and Helena Greathouse have created “Dancing for Fun: Group Dancing for All Ages” (published by iUniverse), a collection of folk-inspired, contemporary group dances accompanied by originally composed music. This is the first book in the Greathouses’ Dancing for Fun series.  The second book, “Dancing for Fun: Group Dancing for All Ages Book Two” is also available.

This beginner level book contains music and choreography with detailed directions and links to
YouTube videos displaying the dances, demonstrated by one member of the group, so that individuals of any age and ability can take part in the fun while achieving an active lifestyle.
The inspiration for “Dancing for Fun” came as no surprise to the authors. When professional
musician and composer Mark Greathouse needed to put his music to dance, he looked no further
than his accomplished wife to transcribe the choreography. With her many years of experience as a
rhythmic gymnastics advanced level competitor, professional coach and international judge, Helena
Greathouse was the perfect choice to compliment Mark Greathouse’s music.
By taking part in these dances individuals will not only learn a new skill, but they will also be
exposed to the social and health benefits associated with group dance. The duo’s combined experience has led to an imaginative compilation of music and dances appropriate for individuals of
all ages and ability.
“Dancing for Fun”
By Mark L. & Helena Greathouse
Audio Book | ISBN 9781491766873
Softcover | 8.25 x 11 in | 96 pages | ISBN 9781491747506
E-Book | 96 pages | ISBN 9781491747513
About the Author
Professional musician and composer Mark Greathouse and his wife Helena Greathouse, a rhythmic
gymnast, coach and judge, perform together throughout the world. Besides the United States, the
duo also performs in Germany and in Helena Greathouse’s home country, the Czech Republic. More
information is available at www.greathouseofmusic.com.

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To see all dances in Dancing for Fun, Book 1, click on Playlist in the YouTube video window.