Performance Reviews

Testimonial of the performance “You Do Speak English, Don’t You?” in Wilsonville Public Library, Wilsonville, Oregon (September 14, 2019):
Dear Mark and Helena,
Thank you for performing “You Do Speak English, Don’t You?” at our library last Saturday.  Your program was delightful….A number of attendees thanked us for having the program and said they had fun and learned something new.  How wonderful!
Thanks again,
Andi Erickson, Adult Services Librarian

Testimonial of performances “Remembering Czech Christmas” (December 20, 2018) and “You Do Speak English, Don’t You?” (August 22, 2019):
Garden Home Community Library has hosted Mark & Helena twice. Both programs (You do speak English, Don’t You?; A Czech Christmas) were enjoyed by young and old. Our attendees enjoyed the humor, entertainment, and relatability. The programs are appropriate for multi-generational audience. The music and dancing is so charming. The Greathouses are wonderful on stage and off. They are prompt, professional, and fun.  I’d definitely have them back again for a repeat - or a new performance.
Heather Waisanen, Adult Services Librarian 

July 21, 2018:  “It was a wonderful performance and I am happy (that you) have been here. Thank you very much. 
We would be happy to have you here performing next year or any time in future.” -- Sandra Samolik, director of the Czech Cultural Center and Museum, Houston, Texas

Mark and Helena present an endearing and uplifting story in their musical, You Do Speak English, Don't You?. Told with Helena's lovely singing voice, we follow their misadventures starting with their first meeting in Germany as young university students and traveling along with them in their cheerful struggles as a young married couple in sunny southern California. This is a real love story - accompanied by an accordion! It doesn't get any better than that! –Lynne Erlandson, Librarian, Head of Adult Services,     Cedar Mill Community Library, Cedar Mill, Oregon

“This show is so much fun and has something for everyone—from Mark’s virtuosic display of many different music styles to Helena’s lively song and dance routines!  Both performers are consummate professionals who connect with the audience from start to finish, this is a romp everyone will enjoy!”.  —Morgan Brown, musician..response after performance of "You Do Speak English, Don't You?" at Cedar Mill Community Library, 
Cedar Mill, Oregon 

"Very interesting to learn more of another culture background.  Enjoyed the creativity of music you wrote and of your creative interpretation." 
             One audience response after performance of "You Do Speak English, Don't You?" at                               Tigard Public Library, Tigard, Oregon  

“Last week, at the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center, we were thrilled to see a two person show by a husband and wife. It was so unique as, Mark is from Oregon and Helena is from Czechoslovakia. He plays the accordion and she is a dancer and singer. With a series of vignettes, they told the story of how they met in Germany, through their life story. They met on a bus in Germany and when Helena asked Mark what he did for fun, he said: “I play the accordion.” “Greaaaat, she replied” and they were “off”. This began a collaboration that includes a story line from Mark, dancing and singing by Helena and is unique and fun to watch. Mark wrote a series of songs about their life and Helena, with a series of clothing changes and songs in Czech, German, and English, delighted us all with her talent and humor. Mark was incredible with his accordion, playing his own songs, and European folk songs. He showed us that he can play almost any type of music. His droll comments enchanted our audience. Words really can’t describe how much fun we all had. CD’s were available for purchase after the show. “Oregon Dreaming”, “Who cares?” - Got a ticket just the other day, Who cares?, Fed my cat, yet she ran away. Who cares but me?” and more on the CD. The folk songs CD was equally entertaining and memorable. They can be reached at:”   Thressa C., Marjorie Stewart Senior Center in Sherwood, Oregon

"There is something about Mark and Helena's combination of music and theatrics that just make the entire audience grin from ear to ear.  Its difficult not be both highly humored and charmed by their chemistry and style.  Absolutely delightful!"
Jerry Mouawad
Co-artistic Director
Imago Theater, Portland, Oregon
"The Greathouse of Music always leaves the audience wanting more.  Fantastic, unique interpretations of classics with  originals thrown in as well.  The music goes from bright and campy to dark and intense...songs sung in English and Czech... costume changes and dance.  They are a rare duo that pulls off this variety with elan.  They are one of my favorite acts, and my audience members always ask when they will be back in the Parlour!"

                                               Miz Kitty
                                          Artistic Director
         Miz Kitty's Parlour Vaudeville Novelty Show, Portland, Oregon

"Mark and Helena are talented and charming.  Don't miss a chance to see them."

Tony Broom
Artistic Director
Serendipity Players, Vancouver, Washington

"Mark and Helena are both unique in their own right.  Together they make a memorable team offering one-of-a-kind, unforgetable musical performances like no one else.  From interpretations of modern pop songs (The Who!) to renditions of cultural standards (Cardas anyone?), they entertain and give us something new."

Paul Roder
Co-Artistic Director
The HART Theater, Hillsboro, Oregon

"Ein Höhepunkt in der letzten Zeit war zweifellos die „Musik im Gewölbe“ am 4.11. mit Mark & Helena. Das war eine sehr gelungene Veranstaltung, die bei den fast 70 Besuchern durchweg gut ankam. Mark und Helena Greathouse kommen aus Portland/USA, Helena wurde in der Tschechoslowakei geboren. Da beide in Deutschland studiert haben, konnten sie auf deutsch durch das Programm führen. Mark ist ein exzellenter Akkordeonspieler, Helena singt und tanzt. Die beiden Künstler präsentierten eine einzigartige Mischung aus tschechischen, slowakischen und anderen europäischen Volksliedern sowie modernen Klassikern und Musical-Melodien. Bei „Kalinka“ war das Publikum nicht mehr zu halten und sang kräftig mit und „Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins“ wurde auch noch geschunkelt."
Newsletter after performance at Comeniuszentrum Ebersdorf, Germany

“Dekujeme Vám za krásné velikonocní vystoupení v našem Vzdelávacím centru. Rozezpívali jste celý sál a vnesli tak do mrazivých svátecních dnù pohodu a radost.
Tešíme se na na další  setkání v Križánkách."
Jan Sedlácek
starosta obce Križánky
(Mayor of Križánky, Czech Republic)

Križánky was awarded the title of '2012 village of the year' for the Vysocina region of the Czech Republic.